Interview with Everything Everything’s Jeremy Pritchard.

Everything Everything’s Glastonbury performance(s) topped my list of live performances from 2015. I spoke to him about the band’s year and how they felt it went.

“We’re still definitely in Get To Heaven mode.” he said, when I asked him how I thought the tour for their third album had gone. ” We’ve been touring it since April, starting off by playing smaller shows on the quiet so we could learn how to play the songs ourselves, and ever since then everything we’ve done has been a kind of enjoyable step upwards.”

“There were a lot of things that I thought we wouldn’t enjoy as much as last time round, because it wasn’t new to us, things like touring Australia. Where as in the event we did enjoy it just as much, it was all bigger and better this time, with Glastonbury being a great illustration of that.”

He had this to say when I asked him how Glastonbury was: “We’ve played Glastonbury a lot, I’ve been there about ten times as a punter and as a player, but this was the first time that we felt that we really got our teeth into it.”

“Similar to last time with our previous album Arc, we played two shows; one on a larger stage (that being the other stage) and another on a smaller one, Williams Green. The Other stage was fantastic, it was brilliant to play that stage as it was a larger platform than we had done in the past at a festival, and equally it was great to play the kind of secret Williams Green show for the hardcore. Both shows were really good in different ways, with the smaller show being amazingly emotional.”

“I got to see Super Furry Animals, Hot Chip and Caribou, who were all really good.” was his response when I asked him if he managed to see any other acts whilst at the festival.

Asking Jeremy about the lighting and visuals for the show, this is what he said: “The general concept was drawn together by a lighting designer we’ve known for years, and he said he wanted to be more like a light-art installation rather than a rock and roll show, and we quite enjoyed that idea. “We’re really proud of it now.”

I asked Jeremy if there were any favourites to play live from their new album; “I think Distant Past belongs in that arena really. I don’t think it’s our strongest piece of work by any means, but you can’t deny it when we play it live, I think we found it hard not to play it last every single show because it leaves us with nowhere to go.”

“No Reptiles is another one, because we love the song and we knew how personal and raw it was, and how it was one of the songs that seemed to be essential Everything Everything, or even essential Jonathan Higgs. We had no doubts about how we felt about that song but what has been amazing is how other people seemed to have understood it and got on board with it so instantly. That was really in evidence at that Williams Green show actually.”

“It’s been a relief to have that song to use that’s by no means ‘verse, chorus’ type, you know it’s got no real concerns when it comes to radio, or pop appeal or anything like that, but it’s actually connected with people in a way more so than even some of our songs that do work in that mould. It was great to be able to put that out as a single, we knew that it was going to do fuck all in radio, we never expected otherwise but actually it did a little bit better than we thought it would do.  It was a great statement for us to finally have a single out that was as characterful as that.”


EE @ Glastonbury Art by Danni Sewell.

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