Quick Questions with Trash


I asked Trash a few quick questions about their time on the road, their favourite albums from 2015 and more.

Q: Where is the furthest that you have travelled to play?

A: The furthest away we have played is London at Old Blue Last. We were stuck in traffic on the motorway for like an hour so we all got out and sunbathed and talked to this old guy who had a cool vintage two seater car and a map and he told us where we were but we’d never heard of it and he’d never heard of where we were from. weird.

Q: What was your favourite album from 2015?

porpoisesun-club-the-dongo-durangoTom: Justin Bieber – Purpose

Dan: Sun Club- The Dongo Durango

Evan: ESPRIT 空想 – virtua.zip

Q: If you had to cover another album in its entirety what would it be and why?

A ( Evan):
The album to cover would be something thats unlike us but still with amazingly written songs. probably the soundtrack to Porgy & Bess would be sweet (miles davis version)

Q: Where is your dream venue to play at?

A: Our dream place to play is Brixton academy just because its fuckin Brixton academy baby!

Listen to Trash’s Urban Glow EP Here-



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