Quick Questions With Night Flowers

Ca2p8TmWEAE_aYkI asked Sam from Night Flowers some quick questions:

Which venue would be your dream to play at?
Well, we’ve played The Adelphi in Hull, The Brudenell Social Club in Leeds and The Audacious Art Experiment in Sheffield, so I think we’ve ticked all the best venues off already. The Royal Albert Hall is quite an impressive building, isn’t it? We’ll go for that.

Which venue you have played has had the nicest staff?

Generally, any venues that sort us with something to eat and a few drinks get the thumbs up from us. We had a great pizza at The Picture House Social in Sheffield recently. I’m not sure about ‘nicest’, but for ‘the best’, see venues mentioned above. Apart from the Royal Albert Hall…though I’m sure they’re lovely.

What are your favourite chocolate/sweets?

I’m going to have to say Mini Eggs, especially now that they’ve started to appear in shops again, although I haven’t had any yet this year. Greg thinks they’re readily available all year by the way, but he’s wrong. Speaking on the band’s behalf, we’re all really big fans of Haribo Tangfastics and eat a bag at most band practices.

Which band/act would you love to support?

 I’d probably have to say Oasis at Knebworth in ’96, helicopter and all. Am I joking? I’m not sure.

What song has been an earworm for you lately?

‘It’s Too Late’ by Bob Mould. Bob’s foray into arena rock….the album it was on apparently tanked, but It’s a great song.

Where is the furthest you have travelled to play?

Murcia, Spain to play Lemonpop Festival last year. Unfortunately there was an unprecedented rain storm on the night and the festival couldn’t continue. Luckily, it was all moved to an inside venue and we ended up playing at about 3am, which was loads of fun.

You can listen to Night Flowers’ new single ‘Chaser’ below, which is also available as a name your own price download on Bandcamp here.

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