Live Review – Outlines Festival


Oscar at Queens Social Club – Photo by Joe Carter

Outlines Festival is the winter alternative to Tramlines, both of which take place across several venues throughout Sheffield. I went to two of the venues on offer; Skate Central and Queens Social Club, both of which being completely different to the other, but both of them had some great acts to offer.

The first act that I saw was Polo, who the programme described as ‘lush, R&B tinged pop.” It wasn’t wrong, with the group sounding somewhere inbetween Chvrches and Alessia Cara.

The next act on at the Social Club was Sammartino.


This is Sammartino. The actual music wasn’t bad at all, but you could hardly pay attention to it, perhaps from shock factor alone. One of the best things about the act was watching people’s faces as they walked through the door and saw who was making the music they could hear from outside.

The first act that I saw at the Skate Central roller disco was Estrons. I had listened to their song ‘Make A Man’ a few times before the day, and was looking forward to their set.


They did not disappoint, delivering a great selection of fast, punchy rock.

After Estrons, it was back over to the Queens Social Club for Oscar. Oscar’s latest single ‘Sometimes’ had been in my head for about a week beforehand, so I was looking forward to seeing him play it. Yet again, I was not disappointed at all, with Oscar and his band playing brilliantly, with ‘Breaking My Phone’ being another highlight of the set.


The final act that I saw was Trash, who were on at Skate Central. Despite having some small technical difficulties, they still out on one of the best shows of the day, showing off some new material as well as songs from their EP, Urban Glow.


Overall, Outlines was a great festival that showcased a lot of promising upcoming talent, with the selection of venues, and the organisation of everything being spot on.


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