Trash – Workout (Single Review)

Workout is the latest single from Trash, and it will be released on Clue Records on the 1st April. Trash have had a few releases in the past, including their well received EP, Urban Glow which came out last year. This could be their best release to date.


The track opens with an upbeat guitar riff, and that positive mood is maintained throughout, with the song having a more poppy feel than the band’s previous releases. However, this is no reason to worry.

The lead vocals by Daniel Longmore, are perhaps the strongest that he has laid down on any of their tracks, with the lyrics including the poignant phrases “Why’d you have to go? Will I ever know?” and “Drink away all that I know, hope it’ll be ok tomorrow”

Overall, this is the best song that the band have recorded to date, and if this is a taste of their debut album, then it could be one of the strongest debuts for a long time.


You can listen to Workout below:


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