Hooton Tennis Club Interview

I asked Hooton Tennis Club some questions about their time on the road:htclub.jpg

1.Which venue would be your dream to play at?

Callum – Bowery Ballroom, NYC
Ryan – The Cosmolodge (The Kazimier Gardens), Liverpool
James – Brudenell Social Club, Leeds
Harry – Red Rocks Ampitheatre, Colorado

2. Which venue you have played has had the nicest staff?

Callum – Probably the Tunnel Club in Milan. They fed us Seafood pasta, had endless bottles of red wine and brilliant coffee!
Ryan – The Kazimier, Liverpool
James -The Adelphi, Hull. Paul the owner fed us the best local Northern pies + poutine, fine ales and played us songs over the PA that were recorded at the venue in the 90s. Bands early gigs like Oasis, The La’s and Pavement. It was sure a surreal experience.
Harry – I agree with James. Those pies were amazing and listening to the old live recordings was really great. But most venues we’ve played at have had exceptionally nice and helpful staff.

3. What are your favourite chocolate/sweets?

Callum – Chocomel, although it’s a drink. It’s got some secret stuff in it!
Ryan – Anything Reese’s
James – Chocomel, for me it’s a food. Part of your 5 a day.
Harry – I’m a big fan of Haribo Strawbs.  And also, obviously, chocomel. There’s definitely some secret stuff in it.

4. Which band/act would you love to support?

Callum – The Clean
Ryan – The Donays
James -Kurt Vile
Harry – Jonathan Richman

5. What song has been an earworm for you lately?

Callum – She Said She Said by The Beatles

Ryan – C.R.E.A.M. by Wu-Tang Clan

James – Witicha Lineman – Glen Campbell


Harry – The Byrds’ version of The Christian Life has been in my head for years now.


6. Where is the furthest you have travelled to play?

3459 miles between London and New York to play CMJ festival. We then had a show in Bristol the day after we got back from New York, but our flight was delayed by 12 hours. We flew into London Heathrow, arriving on the morning of the show, got a train up to Liverpool to pick up our gear and the van, then we drove straight back down to Bristol to the show!

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