Zibra Interview

I spoke to Zibra about their time on the road. Read on to find out how much they like Wetherspoons. (HInt: a lot.)

What is your favourite food to have whilst on tour?

Wetherspoons is the food place of choice but people always have to think they are above that in the band sometime and just make it hard for us all! and we can be roaming around for days disagreeing and then end up back in Wetherspoons!

2) Are there any bad experiences that you have had on tour?

No not really, our tours have been pretty smooth running. I mean when we get drunk and there is people coming back to ours and the hotel room gets all messy, I mean we just are dedicated to cleaning in the morning. One time I spent an hour getting paint out of a carpet floor. Anything is better than getting fines in hotel rooms, they really put a downer on your week, when you can’t afford Wetherspoons.

 3) Where is the best venue you have played?

They are all great! playing KOKO with St Raymond was nuts, purely because its so many people in a compact view. It was nuts. Glastonbury was magical, all of them are good. Manchester is nice too.

 4) Where is the furthest you have travelled to play?

Ireland, basically. I mean we went to LA, and i did a little show to passers by on a toy keyboard on sunset strip… but was that an official gig? I don’t know.

5) Who has been your favourite act that you have shared a bill with?

They are all great and friendly. There’s been loads, the Rat Boy guys are nuts, that was a nuts tour. Sunset Sons and Vitamin are nice guys too. never been on tour with dicks surprisingly! The truth is no one is a dick when you get down to it.

You can watch Zibra’s latest video, Eclipse, below:

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