Quick Questions – Kiran Leonard


What is the best gig you have had so far and why?

“I remember a gig at Gullivers in Manchester being really really great. July ’14, I think it was. it’s always good to play in Manchester because it’s where I’m from, so I get to go out with my friends afterwards and sleep in a familiar bed and not drive miles out of town to a Travelodge.”

“I also liked playing at Green Man Festival last year, cause lots of people stuck around, and it was outside, and daytime when we started, and nighttime when we finished.”

 Where is the furthest you have travelled from home to play?

“Like .. a bit north of Glasgow, for a festival we played last summer? sorry that was a fucking atrociously dull, close to home answer. I haven’t played outside the UK yet. bare with me sensei I am trying. no polar expeditions as of yet.”

 If you had to cover another album in entirety, what would it be and why?

“One of them is Deceit by This Heat (because it’s perfect and there’d be many opportunities to get wanton with a bunch of weird appliances).”

“Any lp by the Shadow Ring, maybe Lighthouse (but with orchestral instruments),       The self titled Embrace lp (as in, the band Ian Mackaye was in after minor threat and before Fugazi). Long Hair In Three Stages by US Maple (because it may teach me to play guitar like the us maple guys play guitar), a collection of John Cage’s variations (does that count? that would be a lot of fun) and Manhattan Transfer by Raymond Scott.”

Where would be the dream venue for you to headline?

“I dunno, I’m not really a venue junkie, so long as it doesn’t smell half bad and the sound’s half decent and the people who work there are nice I’m a happy bunny. There are definitely places I still want to go. I’d like to go back to Berlin and to the north-eastern part of the US and Japan. living on a prayer.”

If you had to pick, what would your favourite album from the last year be?

5 ; WHITE MEN ARE BLACK MEN TOO by Young Fathers. Perfect record and totally singular. Wouldn’t change an inch of it.

You can buy Kiran’s album, Grapefruit here. Pink Fruit, from that album is below.


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