Chris Baio Interview

Photo by Katelyn Scarlett Doyle

I spoke to Chris Baio, bassist in Vampire Weekend and now solo artist with an impressive debut album The Names, about his time on the road as a solo artist, and what it is like to write his own material.

How different is it writing your own music compared to writing with the band?

“Very different! In the band I’m only coming up with basslines or arrangement ideas, but with this record I wrote & played every note. I love both though!”

How have you found touring as a solo artist so far?

“Fun! It’s definitely a very small operation, about as small as it can get, which means there is a bit more variety in the days. Since variety is the spice of life I have been feeling rather spicy lately.”

Do you have any favourite tracks to play live?

“I like playing “Endless Rhythm” a lot because it is early in the set and gets the first big applause of the night. Also it’s a fun one to dance to! ”

Where has been your favourite venue to play in so far?

“I really loved playing Badehaus Szimpla in Berlin – dope soundsystem & rowdy crowd. Also Bowery Ballroom in NY, of course.”

What would your dream festival line-up be?

“Hard to say! Depends on the era. How about Explosions in the Sky, Moderat, Four Tet & Underworld playing late at night out in the woods? Sounds fun to me!”

Are there any artists who you have ‘discovered’ recently and think more people should listen to?

“Always hard to say! But we played with a fun band called Ten Fe in Paris & I really enjoyed their set. Very cool!”

You can stream Baio’s debut album, The Names below, and find tour dates and more at


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