Teleman – Brilliant Sanity review

Teleman’s debut album, Breakfast was, and still is one of my favourite debut albums when it was released in 2014. I was worried that this album would be either completely different from Breakfast, or that the album would effectively be Breakfast II.

With Brilliant Sanity, Teleman have managed to improve their sound whilst still maintaining the charm of their debut. From the opening track and album highlight Dusseldorf, it becomes apparent that the production on the record is a lot grander this time around, with the whole thing sounding overall more ‘poppy’, but in the best possible way.

Fall In Time is another highlight from the album, the track being very dynamic, sounding like about three songs at once, and shows off everything that Teleman can do.

Tangerine is a great track that is situated near the middle of the album, with the synths and guitar riff fitting amazingly well together.

Overall, Brilliant Sanity is, ahem, Brilliant.


You can stream Brilliant Sanity below, and find out tour dates etc here.

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