Rozi Plain Interview

I spoke to Rozi Plain about her time on the road:rozi.jpg

What is your favourite food to have whilst on tour?

“I’m a real savoury guy, so ideally I just love to eat as much green salty stuff as possible all the time. yum.”

Are there any bad experiences that you have had on tour?

“Hmm, well we once went to America to do a month of shows travelling from the west to the east coast. When we all got there it became quickly clear that the shows didn’t really exist. That was faaairly bad. But we did still have a great time and definitely learned some life lessons…”

Where is the best venue you have played?

“The Cube Cinema in Bristol?”

Where is the furthest you have travelled to play?

“I play in an other band and we went to Australia for a show a couple of years ago. Pretty far!”
“We once also played a show in Barcelona and then the next day played in Brussels. That was a very long drive…”

 Who has been your favourite act that you have shared a bill with?

“We very often share a bill with This is The Kit. Absolute gentlemen.”

Which venue have you visited that you would love to go back to?

“We just played at an excellent tiny pub in Ballydehob in Ireland called Levis. It’s got a bar selling drinks on one side and a bar selling soup and cornflakes on the other side. When you play you all stand in a line behind the cornflake bar. One of the best shows ever. I really hope we go back there again…”

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