Lou E Touring Interview

 I spoke to Lou E about his touring experiences:
Photo by Holly Whittaker
What is your favourite food to have whilst on tour?
My favourite tour food is what I’m eating right now funnily enough, every time I go through NYC I get a Pazor from Dillinger’s in Bushwick. It’s a toasted sandwich with kale, chickpeas, squash and cheese with this awesome sauce which is a mystery to me. It’s my goddamn jam!
Are there any bad experiences that you have had on tour?
Not really, I’ve had transport breakdown on me and airport staff have made me want to cry and chipped my guitar and stuff but tour’s really just how you approach it- no sleep, no showers and spending a lot of time with the same people OR parties every night, freedom from your regular beauty routine and real bonding with your brothers and sisters of the road!
Where is the best venue you have played?
Best venue has to be the Brixton Windmill! I cut my teeth there and have played there roughly a million times.
Where is the furthest you have travelled to play?
A couple of years ago I played a 2 hour long, full-band set of covers with the rest of the King TV boys to a bar in Kathmandu, Nepal. That’s pretty far.
Who has been your favourite act that you have shared a bill with?
The best band I’ve ever shared a bill with are without doubt Julia (who don’t really exist anymore (if they ever did)). They’re South West London legends and featured two faces that you see a lot in the new music press of today. Look up “Julia – Real Love” on YouTube.
Lou’s Latest 7″, What Do You Do It For/Next Time is out now on Beech Coma. You can hear Next Time below, and buy it here. 

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