Lizzie Goddard Interview

I spoke to singer-songwriter Lizzie Goddard about her favourite album, best gig and more:
What is the best gig you have had so far and why? 
“I have had so many great gigs so it’s so so hard to choose. But if I have to choose 1 I’d say performing at the Baths Hall, Scunthorpe in the main Auditorium supporting Mercury. It was so professional, the sound and lighting was amazing, and every single seat in that place was filled and I was so overwhelmed. I just did my set as I normally would do and you could’ve heard a pin drop even though here were hundreds and hundreds of people sat in front of me. It was so so good. I’d never played to many people at that point so to have each person appreciate just little me on that gigantic stage was incredible. The applause at the end of each song made it really hard not to get emotional too. I didn’t want that set to ever end.”

Where is the furthest you have travelled from home to play?
“I think the furthest I’ve been to play is Manchester actually when I didn’t live there. I played at a little pub for a family fun day or something, I think it was around when the Olympics were on in 2012 so it’s quite a while ago! I’ve travelled up to Glasgow as a BBC Introducing guest which sounds dead posh but it was just my local BBC Intro chose an artist they liked to go up to Glasgow to go to a musician Masterclass. That’s the furthest I’ve travelled for anything music related. I met Huw Stephens and Jen Long too which was really cool.”

If you had to pick, what would your favourite album be?
“Yet another difficult one but I’d have to say the album Laid by james, even though every single one of their albums is genius, that album has my most favourite song in the world ‘Sometimes’ on it and then it has the other crackers like ‘Out To Get You’ ‘Laid’ and ‘Say Something’ etc. My Dad played them ever since I was a baby so I’ve grown up listening to them and they’re now one of my favourite bands and biggest inspirations. Their album ‘La Petite Mort’ is also absolutely incredible. Tim Booth is the cleverest man ever”

If you had to cover another album in entirety, what would it be and why? 
“This is another really hard question because I love so many different bands and artists and genres of music, but I think I’d have a go at covering the whole of Catatonia’s ‘International Velvet’ album. Cerys Matthews is one of my biggest heroes and she has the most amazing voice. I’d like to think I’d do it justice but I think she’d be hard to top. The album has some amazing songs on it like Road Rage, Mulder and Skully, Don’t need the Sunshine, I am The Mob, every song is so good, it’d be fun to have a go at.”

Where would be the dream venue for you to headline?
“I’d like to say Glastonbury, but if I’m thinking possibly achievable I’d love to be able to one day headline a show at the 02 Academy in Sheffield. Its where I’ve seen the majority of my favourite bands and artists and my biggest inspirations perform and to be able to pack that venue full of people that are there to hear me and stand where my heroes have stood would be a dream come true. To see a load of people standing in the crowd where I’ve been so many times, there to listen to my music would be the best thing in the world.”

Listen to Coming Home by Lizzie here:

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