Indie Banquet coming to Duke Studios, Leeds


Indie Banquet, a night of Music and Food is coming to Duke Studios in Leeds on Saturday 15th October. Great upcoming indie bands including WYM faves Trash will be performing on the night. I spoke to Ryan Morgan who told me more about the first Indie Banquet:

“We decided to start Pizza for the People for three good reasons:
  1.) We are very passionate about our music & our food, and felt that there wasn’t anywhere or quite simply enough places really showcasing great live bands with great regionally talented food traders together in one location apart from the odd few, more established venues that have a wealth of things going on at their venues. We definitely aren’t against these venues, as some of them are our favourite venues in the world and have worked hard to get their status, however we want to celebrate some of the more unique venues that Leeds has to offer and bring something a little different to these places – equally giving them a platform to develop too as well as showcasing the wealth of talented individuals creating amazing music and food!
2.) We both have full-time jobs that aren’t what we would call our ‘true calling in life’ and so we’ve decided to do something about it, rather than getting to mid-life and thinking “oh shit…I should have done something with my life!”
3.) And… We love Pizza.”

When I asked him why he added the food element to the gig night, this is what he had to say:
“As we said, food is one of our main passions in life and we love the way that food brings people together. It’s become more and more of an informal past time in recent years, with more people grabbing a bite to eat, rather than going for a formal dinner! We feel it’s most people’s favourite past time to blend food and music together and when you combine it with a few drinks – what more can you ask for? It’s not just about the music or just about the venue, we want it to be an environment where people can enjoy and express themselves. There’s also heaps of great food out there and new street food vendors with innovative ideas and a real love for pleasing people’s tummies, so we want to share this love with the people!”
WTB Burger.jpg
A Burger from What’s Your Beef? Burgers.
Duke Studios isn’t usually used for gigs, so I asked Ryan why he picked the venue;
“We decided upon Duke Studios because when we first approached them about Indie Banquet they were really appreciative of us wanting to try something a bit different to the normal gig structure. They’ve also created a beautiful event space from the barebones of an old warehouse which we love and feel it’s the perfect fit, not only for the atmosphere we’re looking to create but also because it’s a blank slate for creating something new. What’s also really endearing about Duke Studios is its collective approach – not just an events space, it also houses an eclectic mix of collaborative working spaces at the venue alongside Sheaf Street Cafeteria, which we are naturally drawn to as we want to create a more collaborative approach to way gigs are organised.”

MIO Pizza.jpg
MIO Pizza
 The Lineup consists of:
La Bete Blooms
Cactus Knife
Night Owls

The food on the evening will be provided by What’s Your Beef? Burgers and MIO Pizza. You can find Pizza For The People at and tweet them @WeAllWantPizza Tickets are £9 each and can be bought now from Please note the event is 18+.

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