The Proclaimers Live Review – Baths Hall Scunthorpe


The Proclaimers were supported on the night by singer-songwriter Will Varley, who played a selection of acoustic tracks, some of which were comedic, and the others telling stories. His short but packed full set had the audience completely captured and quiet, which is rare for a support act.

Will Varley

It’s always a worry when seeing an established act that they will push their latest album too much and miss out some of the hits that people have paid to see. This wasn’t the case with The Proclaimers, while they did play three songs from their new album, their set was so long and varied with tracks from all throughout the duo’s history nobody went home feeling like they’d been short changed.


Kicking things off with Sky Takes The Soul, Craig and Charlie barely stopped to rest during their 24 track strong set. The hits kept coming, with songs like Letter From America and Sunshine On Leith getting the crowd all singing along.

A highlight of the evening was when, before the band played Let’s Get Married, they made time to announce that someone ‘had a question to ask’ their partner, who thankfully said yes to the proposal before the song begun.

The final three songs before the encore were made up of three big fan favourites, I’m On My Way, And Then I Met You and I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles), which unsurprisingly received one of the loudest crowd reactions that I have ever heard.


The band have been going since the 80’s and it definitely shows, but in a good way; the entire band were very tight and the quick changeovers between songs were the slickest I have seen for any band.

If I had to describe the gig in one word it would be Fun, the Proclaimers really did bring the sunshine from Leith all the way to Scunthorpe.


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