Stephanie from Bruising Interview

I gave Stephanie Anderson, drummer in Bruising, my quick questions;

Photo by Laura Merrill

What is your favourite food to have whilst on tour?

Ooh, that’s a tricky one because proper food is usually the first thing to be sacrificed when on tour. On the first day you’ll notice everyone has substituted apples and carrot sticks into their Meal Deals, but by the second day of shows you know it’s going to be service station Burger King for breakfast! That said, a fair amount of venues we’ve played have had a great cafe attached which has cooked us dinner. So that’s got to be my answer: favourite food on tour is just a nice hot meal after a long drive. Simple pleasures smile emoticon

Are there any bad experiences that you have had on tour?

I don’t think there’s been any particularly bad Bruising experiences, more just unlucky! On the two tours we went on at the end of 2015, it was unusual to finish the set without something breaking. Hopefully it made for interesting watching as we carried on playing despite lack of strings/skins/sounds.

 Where is the best venue you have played?

It’s a close call but I think I’d have to say The Scala, London. It was the first venue I ever played years ago and also the final stop on Bruising’s jaunt supporting the amazing Los Campesinos! back in November. It got a little emotional.

Where is the furthest you have travelled to play?

Bruising haven’t ventured out of the UK yet so Scotland is the most exotic we’ve got!

Who has been your favourite act that you have shared a bill with?

Can I say two acts?! Diet Cig for being so energetic on stage, amazing tour van buddies and repeatedly beating us at Cards Against Humanity. Los Campesinos! because it’s not often you get to sing your heart out to a band you’re big fans of night after night. They’re also as shameless as us on the dancefloor.

Photo by Carolina Faruolo

Bruising are playing a DIY presents event tomorrow (12th August 2016) with support from Doe + more! For more info on tickets etc go here.

Find Stephanie on twitter @stephdrumism and find Bruising @BruisingMusic.

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