Cover it Up

I asked artists what their favourite cover version was and why:

Frank Turner: 

My favourite cover version is probably Joe Cocker’s version of “A Little Help From My Friends”. It’s the definitive version of the song, to me; it’s certainly a totally different beast to the original. And it’s arguably Cockers’ finest performance too.


Dean: LVL UP’s cover of Somebody Kill Me ‘cause they slay and Return to Love doesn’t sound like anything I’ve heard before.

Jake: Probably Weezer’s cover of Velouria.

Reverend and The Makers: 

Hendrix covering Dylan. If ya gonna do a cover it has to be a total reinvention really or it’s cheating. Hendrix doused Dylan’s original in petrol and set it alight. Stone wall classic.

Faris Badwan

Jeff Buckley – Lilac Wine


His voice man – It’s totally incredible. He has such emotional depth and tone to his voice. A technically brilliant singet and a great update on the 50’s song. Anyway I love that album and it’s a tragedy that he died so soon.

Big Black – The Model

Big Black had a real pop sensibility behind the brutal noise and the model was a fitting choice of song to cover.. the dalek-like vocal delivery is maybe more overtly sarcastic than the original and the guitar is, as ever, fucking great.

 The Slits – Heard It Through The Grapevine

The Slits were rooted more in reggae than soul but in this version they really sound like they belong.. they totally transformed it into a spiky post-funk classic and I always play it out when I DJ. There are covers that maintain the feeling of the original and hit the listener in a similar way, and that’s totally cool – but then there are ones that “rip it up and start again.

The Crookes (George):

Caitlin Rose – Pink Rabbits by The National. She has such a great voice and I love the arrangement. She takes a very brooding, distant sounding song and turns it into a very warm, intimate thing.

Plus, she’s on Domino, the same as Arctic Monkeys, and a couple of years ago did a 7″ with covers of Piledriver Waltz and Love is a Laserquest which are both amazing and well worth checking out if you haven’t heard them.

Penthouse (Ben): 

My favourite cover song would have to be Seahaven’s cover of ‘Bad Diary Days’ by Pedro the Lion. The cover is only on youtube but it is worth the watch as the scenery, encompassing the band, really adds to the dreary/emotional feel of the song. The cover isn’t too far off from the original in terms of dynamics but Kyle Soto’s strained vocals really add a nice twist to the song. The quiet but constant bassline fits so well, complimenting the gentle acoustic guitar. Although filmed outside with the sound of raindrops in the background, the tone of the bass and guitar are so warm sounding and really just took me somewhere else when I first heard it. The drums are so in time and appropriate for the song that they sound almost sampled…which I absolutely love. Maybe I’m biased because I love Seahaven anyway, but this cover is something special and sounds like it was meant for the band to cover. The best song/video for a rainy day.


Cat Power – Wonderwall

It was the first cover of a song that i heard that made me realize you could put your own unique touch on someone else’s song.

Adam Buxton:

It’s This.

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