Kaiser Chiefs – Stay Together Review

Pop go the Kaisers: Leeds indie favourites bring out synth driven pop album.


Kaiser Chiefs

Stay Together

Out 7th October 2016



When ‘Parachute’, the lead single from Stay Together first dropped, a lot of comments were saying things along the lines of ‘This doesn’t sound like the Kaiser Chiefs.’  At the beginning of track ‘Press Rewind’, Ricky Wilson states “We are writing and recording pop music.” Both of these comments are spot on, but that is in no way a bad thing.

From the first track ‘We Stay Together’, it is clear that Brian Higgins, producer on this album (whose previous credits include Girls Aloud and Little Mix) has seriously shaken up the band’s sound, but I still feel like the band have their original character that made them so popular in the first place despite straying from the style of their previous albums.

Second track, and recent single ‘Hole in My Soul’ has one of the catchiest choruses of the year, with front man Wilson singing ” There’s a hole in my soul” the track is solid proof that a good rhyme can work wonders.


Tracks like ‘Sunday Morning’ and ‘High Society’ make for good mid-album moments, and closing song ‘Still Waiting’is a pop power ballad that closes the album very well. (almost closes it anyway, i’d stick around for a bit after the last track if I were you.)

Stay Together is an example of pop music done very, very well, and I hope that fans of the band agree.

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