Parekh & Singh Quick Questions

I asked Indian pop duo Parekh & Singh some quick questions.

Consisting of Nischay Parekh who sings, and also plays guitar, keyboards and synths, and Jivraj Singh, who plays drums, drum machines and effects, the duo hail from Koltaka in eastern India.


What is your favourite pre gig food?

Nischay: “My favourite food before a gig would have to be sushi. It’s light and nutritious enough to keep me going but it doesn’t fill you up (it can do if you eat too much of course.) Japanese food is magical and I love how it’s flavours make you feel wiser almost. Strange, but true.”

Jivraj: “I can never eat before a gig. I like to play hungry. It’s probably unwise and unhealthy but I like to feel sharp because it helps me play sharp.”

Where is the furthest you have travelled to play a gig?

Nischay: “There’s a music festival in Rajasthan called called ‘Magnetic Fields’. It feels like an eternity of a drive.

Jivraj: “Magnetic Fields is in a palace in the middle of Rajasthan. Neither Nischay nor I is a good traveller unless we’re driving. We’re both looking forward to taking turns driving a tour car/van/bus.”

Where would be your dream venue to play?

Jivraj:  “Red Rocks because i’ve never played in a venue carved out of the earth. Also I relish the thought of playing in an amphitheatre. It feels more exciting than playing on a high stage and looking down at the audience. In an amphitheatre I really feel that the energy is more focused down onto the stage.”

Nischay : “Sydney Opera House looks very ethereal in the videos. They’ve also been hosting some of my favourite bands in the recent past such as Grizzly Bear. It’s so iconic that it’s an obvious choice for any performer.”

Who would you love to share a bill with? 

Nischay: “Leslie Feist and Caribou.”

Jivraj: “Beck and Bjork. This is a very long list. I could just as easily have said Nine Inch Nails. We’d love to share a bill with all our many heroes because we’re true fans (and students) of music. We also like looking at tech riders, so a side stage view is a geeky treat.”

Where is the best gig that you’ve had so far?

Nischay: “It would have to be a festival in Pune in 2013. NH7 weekender.”

Jivraj: “Our first gig as a duo at the NH7 weekender festival in Bangalore in 2012. It was raw but the promise of it was euphoric. Neither of us really knew how we were going to present the music. We’d only rehearsed for a couple of days. It didn’t really matter though, it just felt like play. I still think that’s the most pure high I’ve felt on stage.

Ocean, the debut album from Parekh & Singh is available on the 28th October from Peacefrog records. You can watch their brilliant video for I Love You Baby, I Love You Doll below:

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