Green Day – Revolution Radio Review

Wake me up when this album ends.

Green Day

Revolution Radio

Out Now




The first I heard from this new Green Day album was lead single ‘Bang Bang’. With lyrics like “Give me death or give me head” and an instrumental track that sounds like a new band who are trying to sound like Green Day, it didn’t set my hopes for this album very high at all.

Listening through the record, it doesnt really get any better.

The whole album is littered with really just awful, cliched lyrics with “Oh lord have mercy on my soul”, “this is how we roll” “Hear the children sing, all the sick and suffering” all coming from the same track, and a scattering of forgettable, generic punk rock guitar tracks make Revolution Radio a record that only the die hard fans will really like.

I kept hoping for there to be a strong track on the album that would redeem it, but each one was as uninspired as the last, with songs like ‘Troubled Times’ making me wonder how much effort was actually put into this album at all.

Billie Joe Armstrong’s vocal delivery on the album seems uninspired, and on slower tracks like ‘Outlaws’ (which also has some of the cheesiest lyrics of the year) a strong vocal performance is key, amd BJR’s lack of one makes this, and many other tracks fall flat.

Bonus Shit Lyrics:

  • “We’re all getting pissed and everybody’s bouncing off the walls”
  • “Outlaws, when we were forever young”
  • “Supernova, Cherry Cola”
  • “I was a high school atom bomb, going off on the weekends.”
  • The whole album.

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