Vinyl Me Please – Is it Worth It?

Vinyl Me, Please is a record subscription service that deliver exclusive pressings of new albums on vinyl, and reissues of classic albums every month. For example, September’s pressing was a special edition of ‘How to be a Human Being’ by Glass Animals, and October’s record is a reissue of ‘Odelay’ by Beck. Past albums have included Lapsley, Weezer, Hot Chip, Father John Misty and Black Sabbath.

Poster included in the Glass Animals record.

Each month, members to the service get 1 record that is an exclusive pressing only for members of VMP, which also comes with an exclusive art print to accompany the album. You also get access to ‘The Standard’, a weekly email that includes playlists and free downloads.

If you sign up for a 3 or 12 month plan, you also have the option to swap the album of the month from a selection of other exclusive pressings if the ‘Record of The Month’ isn’t to your fancy.

I asked members of the Vinyl Me, Please team to find out more;

Why did you start up VMP?

“Tyler Barstow and I started Vinyl Me, Please because we wanted to build our personal vinyl collections. We had heard of record clubs from previous generations and thought it would be cool to create one for the new generation. We wanted to create something that helped people experience music in a deeper way so that they actually were able to establish a connection and maybe discover something they wouldn’t have otherwise. Tyler and I didn’t see a huge market opportunity and try to capitalize on it… we were just a couple of dudes who were passionate about music and wanted to get into vinyl. We really launched Vinyl Me, Please to solve our own problem and we figured there were more people like us.”

-Matt Fiedler, CEO, Co-Founder

How do you select the records that you send out to customers?

“The process of selecting our monthly features has evolved over time, but starts with breaking up the year into 3 categories of records. First, we feature 4-5 major reissues each year – titles like Fugees’ The Score, Weezer’s Pinkerton or My Morning Jacket’s Z. We look at these as staples to any collection and try to focus on creating a unique, exclusive vinyl package for members that sheds new light on the album. The second category is new artists where we’ll try to find 3-4 new releases from emerging artists to serve as a discovery mechanism for members, like our September album of the month from Glass Animals. Finally we try to fill in the rest of the calendar with undiscovered gems, which are generally reissues of albums that are great, but potentially haven’t received the attention we think they deserve. We also try to vary genre from month to month to keep members on their toes!”

-Cameron Schaefer, Head of Label Relations

What is the favourite record you have sent out so far?

“As you’d probably guess, I’ll start by saying that’s a tough one to answer. If you asked me 10 times I’d probably say 10 different things. Today, I think my favorite release was when we worked with Erased Tapes on Nils Frahm’s record Spaces last December. I’m obsessed with that record, and when we sponsored his shows at the Roundhouse in London that previous May, it was one of the few live music experiences that I think actually changed me for the better. The record is incredible, and whenever I listen to it I think about how cool it is to be alive at the same time as him. Michael Salu, who is one of the most brilliant people I’ve ever met in real life, also did the custom art print for that release and his set of pieces were perfect. Looking back on it I can’t think of a better pick for that month or a better group of people to work with on it and I’ll be playing that record for years and years to come, which I guess is the whole point of all of this at the end of the day.”

-Tyler Barstow, Co-Founder

I received the August and September records of the month free of charge in order to offer an impartial review on the service that Vinyl Me, Please offer.

The August record of the month was ‘Z’ by My Morning Jacket, and the September record was ‘How to be a Human Being’ by Glass Animals. Both of the albums came packages very securely in robust cardboard sleeves.

‘Z’ by My Morning Jacket

I was pleasantly surprised by just how good these exclusive pressings were; the My Morning Jacket album came on double, clear splatted vinyl which looks incredible, and the Glass Animals one was pressed in blue and came with a poster. The sound quality of the vinyl itself is very clear, which is good as sometimes coloured vinyls lose some of their quality.

How to be a Human Being by Glass Animals

The 12″x 12″ art prints that came along with the albums were very nicely done, each of them by an independent artist especially for Vinyl Me Please.

The Art Prints; Glass Animals by Whoopi+Myk, My Morning Jacket by Kathleen Lolley.

Overall, I think Vinyl Me, Please is great value for money, with packages starting at £18 a month you get an exclusive record pressing each month, and the ability to pick a different one of you do not want the main selection.


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