Parekh & Singh – Ocean review

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Parekh & Singh


Out 28th October


From opening track ‘I Love You Baby, I Love You Doll’, it is clear to see that this isn’t going to be a high energy album, but that is never what Parekh & Singh set out to do; the collection of songs are very chilled out, but in no way are they boring.


For a debut album, the quality of the songwriting is sublime, with the songs being simple on the surface, but with every listen to them you hear another little layer, or you notice a certain lyric a bit more. The best track on the album for me is ‘Panda’, with the track being inspired by the poetry of William Blake it is a dreamy, singable song that grows on you every time you hear it, as does the whole album.

Another highlight for me is ‘Ghost’. One of the slower tracks on the album, Ghost has some of the best lyrics on the album; “I’m partially a ghost, don’t you get too close” simple, but very effective.

‘Ocean’ is a stellar debut album, with each song telling its own story without feeling overwritten or too drawn out.




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