Amber Arcades live at Bungalows and Bears review

Amber Arcades played at Bungalows and Bears in Sheffield on October 27th with support from Living Body and Ella.

Living Body

The opening act on the evening were Living Body, whose recent single ‘I Recollect’ was a WYM Song of the day, with that track featuring Katie Harkin on vocals it was one of the highlights of their set, but the band were brilliant and energetic throughout, with Jeff T. Smith  They played a selection of tracks from their upcoming album ‘Body is Working’ due to be released 2nd December.

Living Body’s Katie Harkin

Next up on the bill were Ella, a duo whose set brought Bungalows and Bears to a stop, with their songs being more low-key and less energetic than Living Body the room was almost silent, but in no way were they any less appreciated by the crowd , or by me.


Kicking things off with my favourite track from her ‘Fading Lines’ album, Right Now, it became immediately clear that Amber Arcades (stage name of Dutch artist Annelotte de Graaf) has a voice that is as good as, if not better than her recordings.


As well as playing tracks from her debut album, she also played her cover of Nick Drake’s ‘Which Will’, which really does fit in with the rest of the tracks she played on the night, applying the same style to the cover as the songs on Fading Lines.

Amber Arcades perfectly suited the cosy but beautiful Bungalows and Bears, which if you’re ever in Sheffield you should definitely check out whether there is a gig on or not (the chips are solid.)


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