The Smyths (The Smiths Tribute) Review

The Smyths played at O2 Academy2 Sheffield on 3rd November 2016

The Smyths are a Smiths tribute act, and this was their ‘The Songs That Saved Your Life’ tour. I wasn’t sure what to expect from them in terms of how long the set/show was going to be, or if they would focus more on accurate looks or sound.


Playing a mixture of songs from the Smiths’ back catalogue as well as playing one solo Morrissey track (Suedehead), it was clear from the start when they kicked things off with ‘Shakespeare’s Sister’ that they were focusing more on sound, but Graham Sampson, the band’s Morrissey, got the look (and sound) spot on.

The band played two hour long sets with an interval inbetween, meaning it had a feeling of somewhere between a stage show and a gig, which is no bad thing. Also I feel that the ticket price was great value for how much of a show you got (£13.50).


The band played a mixture of big hits and less well known tracks, meaning that both die-hard and casual fans would be pleased with the show, with tracks like ‘Rubber Ring’ and ‘This Night Has Opened My Eyes.’ getting a play alongside big hitters like ‘How Soon Is Now?’ and ‘This Charming Man.’

The band itself were overall very good musically, with them replicating the sound as close as I think is reasonable to expect considering just how good Johnny Marr is.


You can find out about the Smyths’ future tour dates and more at



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