Caro Quick Questions

I gave Caro some quick questions, watch them play Smorgasbord below:


What is your favourite pre-gig food?

We have a fond memory of when we were in Newcastle and we realized we were meant to be on stage in 5 minutes while we were getting food and had to sprint down the street, Bryn with chunks of fried halloumi in hand, so we’ll go with fried halloumi.

What is the furthest you have travelled to play a gig?

Probably Llanelli in Wales to play at this bar called Mason’s that Bryn frequented growing up.
What would be your dream venue to play?
The Outdoor Theatre at the Esplanade in Singapore
Who would you love to share a bill with?

Neil deGrasse Tyson

What would be the best show you have played so far?

Can I give you a give you a top 3? On Roundhay festival because it was by far the biggest stage we’ve ever played and we got mountains of free food. BBC Introducing gig in the Brudenell because it was amazing playing to play that room with that many people there even though I’d nearly completely lost my voice, and last night with Gengahr in Sheffield cause it was very exciting playing our first gig on our first major tour.

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