Declan McKenna live @ The Leadmill review

The support act for Declan were Leeds band Clay;


Clay were a great example of indie pop done right, with their final song of the set ‘Sun Dance’ being


Kicking off with Isombard, WYM’s #2 song of 2016, Declan Mckenna already had the steel stage of the Leadmill in a frenzy. Declan played some new songs taken from his upcoming debut album, and from the selection I heard it’s definitely one to get excited about, with ‘Humongous’ being the stand-out new track he played.


Recently released single ‘The Kids Don’t Wanna Come Home’ was another highlight of the set, with the crowd already singing the words despite how new the track is.  It is rather catchy though.

Finishing off with two more big hitters, Paracetamol and Brazil, Declan and his band were very tight throughout; Declan still stagediving at the end of Brazil and putting incredible amounts of energy into the show despite feeling under the weather.  The Leadmill definitely didn’t want to go home.




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