Estrons live at The Harley, Sheffield

This was the third time that I had seen Estrons live, the first one being at Outlines last year, and the second supporting Slaves, so I knew what to expect from the Welsh band’s live show, and because of this, I was very much looking forward to it.

Estrons were yet again full of energy from the start, Tali flinging herself around the Harley’s compact stage so much I found it hard to get many decent photos while blasting through recent tracks ‘I’m Not Your Girl’ and ‘Belfast’ early on in the set.

Hopefully the band will be gracing bigger stages pretty soon, the crowd in The Harley couldn’t help but move to the massive ‘Make a Man’, quick-factwhich explodes at the start and doesn’t let up; it’s destined for larger crowds, which they will hopefully get when the band return to Sheffield in the summer to play Tramlines festival.


The band were incredibly tight throughout; drummer Toby Bang really impressed me and held the fast-paced set together. Ending with WYM’s #12 track of 2016, Drop, i’m relieved it isn’t too long until they will be back in Sheffield.


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