Dutch Uncles live @ Plug, Sheffield Review

Laughing as soon as they come on stage because someone had put a Gregg’s pasty on the keyboard , Dutch Uncles already had the crowd on their side before they had played a single note.

Steak Bake Dream 

Starting off with ‘Baskin’ from their latest album ‘Big Balloon’, their set was filled with a mixture of tracks from all five of their albums, many of them having a funny story about what they were written about – with everything from self pleasuring ghosts to marriage counselling being tackled.


All of the songs they played were great, but I felt that the selections from their newest album stood out the most to me, with the likes of ‘Oh Yeah’ being high points. Title track, ‘Big Balloon’ is one of my favourite songs at the minute, and seeing it live was quite special.

One of the most impressive things about the set was that frontman Duncan Wallis managed to pull off his very lively dance moves on the cramped Plug 2 stage, but he made good use of the space he had.


Finishing up with an encore including ‘Flexxin’ and ‘Dressage’,  Dutch Uncles proved themselves to be one of the most interesting indie bands out there.



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