31/3/17 New Release Roundup


Kendrick Lamar – HUMBLE. : Another surprise new track from Kendrick, which after a few listens is firmly stuck in my head; it’s repetitive piano rhythm and chanted chorus are a lot more poppy than last week’s ‘The Heart Part 4’. 81%

Calvin Harris – Heatstroke ft. Young Thug, Pharrell & Ariana Grande: The follow up to Calvin’s Frank Ocean & Migos collab ‘Slide’ has a similar feel to it, with a very summery beat backing the featured vocalists. I think Ariana fits surprisingly well on the track, with her vocals not being over the top and her tone working very well, and Pharrell bouncing off her effortlessly. 70%

Alt-J – In Cold Blood: Another single from Alt-J’s upcoming album ‘Relaxer’, In Cold Blood in my opinion isn’t as good as 3WW, but it does offer a different mood to that track, sounding similar to their last album ‘This Is All Yours’, but the off kilter guitar riff throughout the track makes it interesting while still retaining the sound that has propelled them to success. 73%

The Chainsmokers – The One: I was expecting this track to be bad but a bit catchy, like the they did with Coldplay with the ‘do do do do do do’ bit in it, but it’s just really bland. It has boring ‘sentimental’ lyrics that make 7 Years by Lukas Graham one of the deepest songs you’ve ever heard. 10%

Jamiroquai – Automaton: From opening track ‘Shake it On’, this album instantly feels familiar. And by familiar I mean it sounds like everything else Jamiroquai have ever done. It’s not bad, but it certainly isn’t ‘Superfresh’ 40%

Goldfrapp – Silver Eye: I really liked the single ‘Anymore’, the opening track from this album, but the rest of the record seems to fall flat, with there being four tracks in the middle of the album that attempt to be spacy and minimalist but in all honesty are just dull. After that lull, there is another upbeat track in ‘Everything Is Never Enough’, which shows just what Goldfrapp do the best. It’s a shame more of the tracks aren’t like this. 30%

British Sea Power – Let The Dancers Inherit The Party: Having heard a few of the singles from this album I was looking forward to hearing the whole thing. Overall it’s very​ pleasant, with some very big sounding tracks like ‘International Space Station’ as well as more grounded indie rock like ‘The Voice Of Ivy Lee’ making for an album that doesnt offer anything too new or exciting, but is done very well. 65%

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