4 Acts on the Glastonbury Line-up who really should be headlining instead of Ed Sheeran

In one of the most predictable moves ever, Ed Sheeran is headlining Glastonbury. Zzzzzzzzzzz. Here are a few acts already on the bill who might actually put on an exciting show:

Biffy Clyro
Having headlined pretty much every other major UK festival, including Reading and Leeds twice, there is no reason why they shouldn’t be topping the bill, especially when bands on a similar if not lesser level of mainstream success such as Mumford and Sons (grr) and Arcade Fire have done in the recent past. They always put on a great show too.

Katy Perry

There really isn’t any excuse for there to be 3 male headliners, especially when one of the acts on your lineup is Katy Perry. In 2015 she headlined the Super Bowl half time show, and while not to everyone’s taste you can’t deny that she has the big pop hits to pull of a headline slot.

The XX 

Having recently released their third, critically acclaimed top 3 album, with the latter two hitting the top of the charts, and impressively getting to number 2 in the USA and Canada, The XX are doing rather well for themselves.

Boy Better Know

Having absolutely smashed their headline slot at Wireless last year as well as high main stage slots at Reading & Leeds there is only one place Skepta and co. could really go, especially with their still evergrowing popularity. There’s good potential for a few big guest spots too, with Drake being a big supporter and Pharrell featuring on Skepta’s track ‘Numbers’.

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