7/4/17 New Release Roundup


Amber Arcades – Can’t Say That We Tried: Another great track from Annelotte de Graaf a.k.a. Amber Arcades, with the song sounding like it belongs in a really emotional bit of a film. A brilliantly produced, personal ballad that really shows off her amazing vocals. 90%

Isobel Anderson – Flint Shingle: A pleasant but quite moody acoustic track that subtly adds layers for the duration of the song on top of the slightly lo-fi vocals that make this a captivating listen. 81%

Halsey – Now Or Never: A forgettable song from Halsey. It starts off at a low, plodding level and stays that way throughout. Flat and dull. 8%

Harry Styles – Sign Of The Times: Massively surprised by this single by the 1D man. A really thoughtful, well structured piano ballad that kicks up a gear for the chorus. 90%


Father John Misty – Pure Comedy: The 3rd album from Josh Tillman under the name Father John Misty is one of his best yet, with another set of thoughtful, witty tracks with incredible lyrics, including my personal favourite “Bedding Taylor Swift every night inside the Occulus Rift” on the track ‘Total Entertainment Forever’  90%

Future Islands – The Far Field: More of the same from Future Islands, with the album sounding like an extension of 2014’s singles. However, more of the same isn’t all bad, with lead single ‘Ran’ being one of their best yet. 75%

The Chainsmokers – Memories…Do Not Open: Bland, fake sentimental tracks over the one same few beats they seem to have made. You know it’s bad when their bad Coldplay collaboration is the stand-out track. 10%

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