The Big Moon – Love In The 4th Dimension album review

London based indie four-piece The Big Moon shine (lol) on their debut album.

The Big Moon kick things off with a re-recorded version of ‘Sucker’, one of the many singles they have released over the past few years. I’ve really enjoyed all of the material they had released in the build up to this album, and I’m very glad that these singles have made it onto the album tracklist without feeling forced in, with recent tracks like ‘Silent Movie Susie’ and ‘Cupid’ fitting right in with the tone of the LP. It isn’t all about the singles though, with new material like ‘The End’ sounding pretty damn good too.

‘Formidable’ is an album highlight for me, a slow-burner of a track that may not immediately hit you as being anything special, but after a few listens it rarely leaves your head. ‘The Road’ is another track that has been redone for the album, and I’m glad to say that these reworked singles haven’t lost any of their original charm, while still managing to sound richer and updated.

A great, summery 1st effort from The Moon, expect big things in the future.


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