Peaness – Are You Sure? EP Review

Having heard the lead single ‘Same Place’ before the EP, I had high hopes that the other tracks they would come out with would be a similar standard of lo-fi indie goodness. They were!

‘Same Place’ is a great piece of lo-fi indie pop that will stick in your head for days, and sums up the fun, lighthearted sound of the rest of the EP, but the subject matter isn’t as postivive, with the opening track ‘Oh George’ focusing on evil lizard man George Osbourne, with cutting lyrics like ‘You lied to me and my family’ and ‘ You only think of your own’

The final two tracks on the EP, ‘Skin Surfing’ and ‘Ugly Veg’ are highlights for me, the former having a shoegazey, Elastica vibe and the latter having a bouncy bassline alongside an upbeat, funky guitar riff, rounding the project up with a summery burst.


Best Track: Same Place



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