Amber Arcades- Cannonball EP Review.

This EP follows on from 2016’s brilliant ‘Fading Lines’ album and the quality of Annelotte’s songwriting and melodies hasn’t wavered.

A cover of a track originally by Nick Drake kicks off the project, with ‘Which Will’ being brilliantly interpreted; it doesn’t sound out of place with any of the tracks on this EP or her debut album.

Second track ‘It Changes’ is AA’s strongest track to date. Upbeat and punchy from the first guitar chord, the track is a burst of summery guitar goodness, with the vocal hook being one of the catchiest of the year.

‘Wouldn’t Even Know’ featuring ex-Coral man Bill Ryder Jones is another brilliant track, this one a lot more melancholic than ‘It Changes’, but in no way is it boring, with Bill’s vocals only adding to the track rather than feeling shoehorned in as a feature.

Title track ‘Cannonball’ closes off the EP with a slow, emotional track that really highlights the vocal performance from Annelotte. Overall this is a really, really strong EP that shows a lot of promise for any future releases from Amber Arcades.



Best 3 – It Changes, Wouldn’t Even Know, Which Will







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