New Release Roundup: 20th October 17

MGMT – Little Dark Age:  A great returning single from MGMT, ‘Little Dark Age’ is a dark, groovy electro-pop song that still brings through the quirky personality of the American duo. Perfect for any indie Halloween parties. 90%

Nick J.D. Hodgson – Suitable: ‘Suitable’ is the debut single from ex Kaiser Chief, songwriter and Producer Nick Hodgson, and it’s rather nice; the calm, but very catchy track isn’t likely to leave your head anytime soon. 92%

The Go! Team – Semicircle Song: Another great comeback single! ‘Semicircle Song’ is an upbeat track with a lot of personality – exactly what you would expect from The Go! Team, but in the best possible way. 95%

Gengahr – Mallory: The second single from Gengahr’s upcoming album is showing even more promise for the full length project. 85%

The Surfing Magazines – One of These Days: This is a peaceful, plodding track taken from The Surfing Magazines’ debut album. 70%

Taylor Swift – Gorgeous: This is the worst song so far from Taylor’s upcoming ‘Reputation’ album. The other 2 singles haven’t been great but they at least had a bit of personality about them, even if they were really annoying. This is just a really bland pop track. 30%


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