Best 5 EPs of 2017

5. Sigrid – Don’t Kill My Vibe EP

Image result for sigrid don't kill my vibe ep

A brilliant, vibrant debut pop EP from Norwegian artist Sigrid. Title track ‘Don’t Kill My Vibe’ is a perfect pop single, and the rest of the EP follows suit.

4. Amber Mark – 3:33am

Image result for amber mark 3:33am

Another debut EP, this time from New York based Amber Mark. Amber’s incredible voice is shown off by a collection of well written, well produced tracks; S P A C E being a real highlight for me.

3. Amber Arcades – Cannonball

Image result for amber arcades cannonball

Following on from 2016’s Fading Lines album, Amber Arcades continues to put out consistently brilliant tracks on this EP. The Nick Drake cover ‘Which Will’ is a great opener, but ‘It Changes’ is one of the catchiest, punchiest tracks of the year.

2. Teleman – Fünf

Five tracks make up this EP, each one of them with a different producer, including Ghost Culture and Boxed In, the latter producing my personal favourite from the album ‘Repeater’.

1. Rina Sawayama – Rina

Image result for rina sawayama ep

Yet another debut EP, Rina is a great collection of pop tracks that throw back to the 2000’s while still sounding really contemporary and relevant. ‘Alterlife’ is the highlight of the EP for me, it’s slightly off-kilter guitar riff and banging chorus making it one of the standout tracks of the year.


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