The 4 Best Albums of January 2018

Nick J.D Hodgson – Tell Your Friends:tell-your-friends

A brilliant debut album from ex-Kaiser Chief and songwriter extraordinaire Nick J.D. Hodgson, ‘Tell Your Friends’ was one of the best musical moments in January.

Best 3: Suitable, Honest Face, Tomorrow I Love You




semicircleThe Go! Team – Semicircle:

Semicircle is a joyous, experimental and all around brilliant comeback album from The Go! Team, who deliver brilliant, positive tracks as always.

Best 3: Mayday, Semicircle Song, Plans Are Like A Dream U Organise




Image result for django django marble skiesDjango Django – Marble Skies:

The third album from Django Django is the group at their best, making infectious synth driven tracks like the almost unstoppable ‘Tic Tac Toe’ and simpler, slowly shifting cuts like ‘Fountains’.

Best 3: Tic Tac Toe, Surface To Air ft. Self Esteem, Fountains



Image result for first aid kit ruins

First Aid Kit – Ruins: The long anticipated return of the Swedish sisters First Aid Kit was well worth it, with the duo coming back with another great album full of tight harmonies and dreamy melodies.

Best 3: Rebel Heart, Fireworks, Postcard




You can listen to the ‘Best 3’ from each of these albums on my new ‘Best Threes’ playlist, featured below.

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