New Release Roundup 3/3/18

Everything Everything – Breadwinner: A new single from EE taken from their ‘A Deeper Sea’ EP. As per usual, it’s very good. 85%

Blossoms – I Can’t Stand It: The first track from Blossoms’ upcoming 2nd album. It sounds very much like Blossoms, but it does sound like they have progressed a bit from their debut, with more layered production and synth sounds. 80%

Peace – Power: With this new single, Peace are very much going for a big, advert friendly hit. Bit of a banger though. 75%

Little Dragon – Best Friends: A brilliant new single from Little Dragon. The off kilter, unique instrumental compliments Yukimi’s voice almost perfectly. Great melodies throughout too. Best thing they’ve put out in a while. 92%

Amber Mark – Love Me Right: A nice single from Amber here from an upcoming EP, again her voice is amazing and really helps carry the track. Unfortunately for me it isn’t as exciting as her previous releases, but it’s still pretty goood. 70%

CHVRCHES ft. Matt Berninger – My Enemy: The second single from CHVRCHES’ upcoming Love is Dead album is a slow, pulsing ballad that instrumentally wouldn’t be out of place on their debut, but the production on the track sounds a lot cleaner. Matt from The National works really well here too. 90%

DJ Khaled, Jay Z, Future, Beyonce – Top Off: Future’s opening verse is quite annoying but the rest of the track is pretty fun, with Jay still managing to pull a good verse together. Beyonce’s bit is a bit off  and seems very forced though. 60%

Tom Misch, De La Soul – It Runs Through Me: A nice, peaceful cut from Tom. His vocals are as smooth as ever. De La Soul work extremely well on the track, managing to match the vibe of the song while still maintaining their personality. 90%



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