New Release Roundup 9/3/18

Years & Years – Sanctify: A solid comeback single from Years & Years, with the track immediately giving me some Destiny’s Child vibes. Not too over the top, and a clear change in sound from their previous stuff. Olly delivers a great pop vocal as usual. Nice. 80%

Jack White – Over and Over and Over – The most classic Jack White sounding track so far from his upcoming ‘Boarding House Reach’, but it’s by no means a basic song. Dramatic choirs and sprinkled synths throughout really make this exciting. 85%

Wiley – Remember Me: A really good track from Wiley here taken from his upcoming ‘Godfather II’ album, Very catchy beat and great verses throughout. 80%

ZHU & Tame Impala – My Life: This has be the dullest track that Kevin Parker has been involved with in a long time. Really unremarkable electro beat from ZHU here and lacklustre vocals from Kev. Booooo. 30%

Kylie – Can’t Stop Me From Falling: It’s alright but no where near as good as her last single. She can still belt out a tune though and it’s fairly catchy but it just sounds a bit too advert music for me. 60%

Manic Street Preachers – Dylan & Caitlin: Another very pleasant track from the upcoming Manics album, a duet between James and Welsh singer The Anchoress detailing the relationship between Dylan and Caitlin Thomas. Nice but not as immediate as their other !singles so far. 75%

Hinds – The Club: A sunny, fuzzy track from Hinds here. Sounds very much like Hinds. Very good though. 80%

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