New Release Roundup 6/4/18


Calvin Harris ft. Dua Lipa – One Kiss: Not as much of a banger as I had expected but it’s probably going to be called the sound of the summer. 70%

Friendly Fires – Love Like Waves: Almost too summery, this track comes across as repetitive to me but the bit at the end sounds like it’s from a Sonic the Hedgehog menu screen so I’m not really sure. The production is really nice & it’s not annoying so good job overall. 75%

Johnny Marr – The Tracers: A fairly gloomy sounding single from Mr.Marr here, with the track being more layered and introspective than his previous solo efforts. Could be a good sound for him if this is an indicator for an upcoming album. 80%

A$AP Rocky & Moby – A$AP Forever: I didn’t expect much from a new A$AP Rocky track, but ‘Forever’ is a great rap single. Confident, well delivered bars with a catchy hook and great production & a well utilised sample of Moby. nice. 85%

Ed Sheeran – Candle In The Wind: This just made me instantly angry so i’ll leave it there. 20% 

Hatchie – Sugar & Spice: Very pleasant, infectious new single from Hatchie, with verry nice vocals & great production. Excellent. 83%


Black Delta Movement – Preservation: A brilliant debut album from BDM. Opening track ‘Rome’ has echoes of The Horrors & Royal Blood, but the album as a whole is varied enough for their own personality to shine through, with tracks like ‘King Mosquito’ and ‘Deceit’ being just great rock songs. Very nice indeed. 85%

Best 3: Rome, Let The Rain Come, Ivory Shakes

The Aces – When My Heart Felt Volcanic: A full on pop-album in the veins of Paramore’s After Laughter, the debut from The Aces is an album made up of tracks that could legit all be singles. At times it gets a bit familiar with itself but overall it’s an enjoyable, fun upbeat album with very 2018 lyrics and great performances. 80%

Best 3: Stuck, Last One, Put It On The Line

Cardi B – Invasion Of Privacy: Compared to her big, massive budget singles like ‘Bodak Yellow’ and ‘Bartier Cardi’, most of the rest of this album feels really rushed. ‘Drip’ is a really forgettable track with the Migos feature sounding really phoned in. ‘I Like It’ is the only track that really stood out to me at all, it being a fun upbeat cut with fun features fron J Balvin and Bad Bunny. 50% 

Best 3: Bodak Yellow, I Like It, Best Life


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