New Release Roundup 14th July 2018

Childish Gambino – Summertime Magic: The first of 2 new tracks from the true Donald isn’t one of his best, but it’s still pretty nice. It just feels a bit flat to me especially compared to the amazing ‘This is America’. 70%

– Feels Like Summer: The second track in DG’s Summer Pack is much better. A real chill bop with great layered instrumentals and vocals that really make for a uniquem but still clearly Childish track. Very nice. 83%

Christine and The Queens – Doesn’t Matter: Another top single from the French pop master here, very groovy and brilliantly produced. A bit more understated and calm than ‘Girlfriend’ but the layered vocals on this track are very tasty. 93%

Ariana Grande – God Is A Woman: Yet another great track from Ariana’s upcoming album Sweetener, although this is the track most similar to her previous releases, Ariana’s vocal performance on this track is amazing and the ending to the track is one of the best i’ve heard in a long time. 85%

Twenty One Pilots – Jumpsuit: I really like this from top. A really dramatic, tense rock song with a nice bassy main riff that manages to pack a punch. It’s nice and varied too, with a quiet emotional bit towards the second half. Their new album could be good. 85%

– Nico and the Niners: This second new track from the edgy duo is a bit more chill than Jumpsuit, with a repeated acoustic guitar refrain use throughout but again it’s catchy and well produced. 80%

Suede – Don’t Be Afraid If Nobody Loves You: Brett Anderson still sounds great on this new track from 90’s faves Suede, with a really powerful hook on the chorus showing off his chops. Great jaggy guitar on the main riff too. This new album could be reallyy nice. 90%

Brockhampton – 1999 Wildfire: Like this new song from the boyband, a really infectious hook on the chorus with decent rap verses from the lads make this full of personality and raises my hopes for their upcoming album. 82%

Kiran Leonard – Paralysed Force: This new track from Kiran sounds like if Mumford and Sons were actually good and had some personality. With a triumphant instrumental break in the middle of the song, this is really very pleasant indeed. 90%

Iggy Azalea ft. Tyga – Kream: This is the worst song Iggy has done to date. It doesn’t even really have the personality that her tracks usually have to set her tracks apart from her contemporaries at all. Bland and forgettable. 20%

Sigrid – Schedules: A nice, upbeat single here from Sigrid the instrumental has a really catchy bassline and chirpy synths that match Sigrid’s great vocal performance on the track. One of her best tracks so far, Schedules proves she isn’t just a one-hit wonder. Excellent. 88%


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