New Release Roundup 27th July 2018


singles-e1532694576343.pngPale Waves – Eighteen: The latest single from Pale Waves comes from their recently announced album ‘My Mind Makes Noises’, which is out 14th September. It sounds very expansive and dramatic in it’s intro and verses, sounding like it would be perfect at the start of a cheesey 80s movie, and then it bursts into yet another great pop chorus from Heather and Ciara. nice. 90%

Charli XCX – Girls Night Out: Not a fan of this new one from Charli,with the lyrics and perfomance seeming lacking in energy and the instrumental being a bit bland compared to her other recent releases like ‘No Angel’. 50%

Jungle – Heavy, California: It certainly sounds like Jungle. Nice enough though. 70%

Cherry: A more toned down, minimalist track here from Jungle, showing that when they do diversify their sound it can really pay off, with the slower, groovy backing instrumental being very nice indeed. 80%

The 1975 – Love It If We Made It: Another nice single from the 75 here, with it still very obviously sounding like them, but the interesting distorted effects on Matty’s vocals make the track that bit more interesting, and as always they have great, topical lyrics. Thank you Kanye, very cool.  85%

Blood Orange – Charcoal Baby: A pleasant track from Dev here, with really smooth production and as always, a great vocal performance. 70%

Estrons – Cameras: Taken from their upcoming debut album which is out October 5th, Cameras is bit of a slower track from the Welsh rockers, but it’s still got that punch and personality that I have come to expect from the band. 80%



Ross From Friends – Family Portrait: This is the debut album from electronic producer Felix Clary Weatherall under the name Ross from Friends. It’s full of chill bangers, but none of them are quite as simple as they seem on the surface, as with each listen you notice a little bit more. Very nice. 81%

Sunset Sons – The River EP: A very solid EP from Sunset Sons here, with second track ‘Love Lights’ being the highlight for me, a perfect piece of groovy indie rock. All very nice though, with each track showing real diversity in the band’s sound. 80%

Underworld & Iggy Pop – Teatime Dub Encounters: A great EP from Underworld and Iggy here. The dance tracks provided alone are great, but Iggy provides great vocal performances that go perfectly with the backing. Surprisingly good. 83%

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