My Big Mental Head Interview

I had a chat to Connie from My Big Mental head about the mental health based project, billed as a ‘safe space for musicians and fans to openly talk about their mental health’ and how important it is to her.

“I started MBMH for a number of different reasons but the main two were the fact that I was starting to feel as though my original blog, where I just wrote reviews, wasn’t doing what I wanted it to and it wasn’t helping people or inspiring people.”
I wanted to feel like I was impacting at least one person and so I started to feel like it was a waste of time. This then ties in with the second reason which was IDLES.”

“I had recently become a fan of them and their music inspired me to get back into all of my creative hobbies, when, at the time, I was feeling depressed and unmotivated. It made me want to give something back to them, along with all the other bands and musicians that have helped me in the past, all of which have suffered themselves.”

When I asked her why she specifically decided to focus on the Music industry, this is what she had to say:
“The music industry is something that I grew up learning about, due to my aunty being in a band in the 90s. I learnt about the pressures and the hardships and I heard all the horror stories. “

“My love for music and my passion for supporting bands and artists blossomed from this and I always made it my mission to ensure that these musicians are being supported and treated fairly. “

“I think that bands, artists, fans, managers, sound engineers – everyone that contributes to the music industry – need to take the leap and talk about mental health. It’s a domino effect – when one band speaks out about something that they have been through or experienced, someone that has had a similar experience will feel comfortable enough to talk, too. Everyone just needs to be supportive and non-judgmental.”
You can find out more about  My Big Mental Head here, and follow them on Twitter at @mybigmentalhead.

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