New Release Roundup 25th Feb 2019

Fil Bo Riva – L’impossible: This new track from Fil Bo Riva is a smooth ballad that uses autotuned vocals before bursting into an emotional crescendo and coming back down again. Very nice indeed. 82%

Teenage Fanclub – Everything is Falling Apart: The first single from veteran indie band Teenage Fanclub since Gerard left the band is very decent, but doesn’t really compare to their material from their last full album ‘Here’ in my opinion. 70%

Kero Kero Bonito – The Open Road this new cut from KKB is immediately more upbeat and positive, being a track literally about the open road on a trip. It sounds like a leftover from their recent ‘Time n Place’ album, but that project was so good that I really do not care. 90%

Weezer – High As A Kite: Another great track from Weezer’s upcoming ‘Black Album’, ‘High As A Kite’ being a Beatle-esque off-kilter rock ballad that goes through a few different phases. Rivers still manages to sound exactly the same as he did when Weezer first started out which deserves phrase in itself. 85%

Jay Som – Simple: A lovely new track from Jay Som here, released as part of the Adult Swi singles series. ‘Simple’ lives up to it’s name, but it’s still an effective track too, with Melina’s vocals being charming as ever. 78%

Foals – On The Luna: On the second track to come from their upcoming 2019 album (part 1 anyway) we see a very dance-able Foals; the lads sound a lot more upbeat compared to their previous single ‘Exits’. I can imagine this one really going off in a live situation but it’s nothing new really for Foals. Still good though. 75%

Zedd & Katy Perry – 365: This is instantly catchy and will more than likely become a massive hit, especially with Zedd’s great, clean dance-pop production and Katy’s now iconic voice. It’s nothing too new or inventive but it’s nice enough. 65%

Cardi B & Bruno Mars – Please Me: There’s only so far Bruno can ride this wave of 80’s/90’s inspired retro-funk before it gets boring, and Cardi’s verses here sound like someone doing a bad impression of her. Uninspired and bland. 25%

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