Say Hello To: Before Breakfast

Before Breakfast are Gina, Lucy, Debra, Annie from Sheffield. I asked them a few questions about their band, favourite venue & more.

Where did your band name come from?
“Depends what mood we’re in as we’ve got a variety of stories, but the truth is it’s a race horse name. Let’s hope it was a successful horse.”

Is there a favourite venue of yours in your hometown and why do you like it?
“Sheffield isn’t as easy to gig in as people may think, well for us, anyway.  If you’re a white male indie guitar band it seems pretty easy. ”

“But a venue that’s doing great work in folk, country, Americana, jazz and more is The Greystones, their books are so busy for months in advance and it’s easy to see why touring artists try to get into this venue.”

“It seems to have a dedicated audience, regardless of what the music is. But my actual fave venue is what The Walkabout building never was. Sad.”

What is your favourite gig you have played so far?
“A massive question! Recently we were very luck to support C Duncan on his Spring headline tour and the show at Edinburgh Summerhall was so lovely. ”

“The majority of his audience came down early to see us perform, they laughed at our jokes and bought our merch, the staff were so welcoming and the building itself is brimming with history and character.”

If you had to describe your own sound, how would you put it?
“There’s a sweetness in the vocal harmonies and sweeping melodies but combined with the occasional discomfort in the lyrics and visual performance, we’re hoping it will leave you nicely tense. ”

“Though I nicked that from a mate, it’s not a bad summary. It’s how I’d like people to feel during a gig”

Which act would you love to support
“Villagers. That man’s music has pierced my very soul and he now owes me for the damage incurred.”

Check Before Breakfast out on Twitter here, and find them on Spotify below.

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