Tessa Violet Interview

Tessa Violet is set to release her debut album later this year, and I spoke to her about the album, the visuals that go along with it, and starting out as an online creator.


I started off by asking how she felt about the reception to her latest EP, and why decide to release the project as separate EPs initially.


“I’m feeling good! it’s a repackaging of the first three singles plus three remixes.”


“We’ve actually decided to release the whole album this fall!! stoked on that. “


“I wrote the album as an album, you take something different and more complete when you listen to it all together. Initially we’d considered the idea of three EPs just because i am still a relatively new artist and there wasn’t much demand, but things have taken off a bit this year! I cried happy tears when we made the call.”


Tessa’s single ‘I Like (The Idea Of) You’ is my favourite track from her to date, and features on her latest EP. I asked her what the inspiration behind the track was.


“Just as the song says, there was a guy who i knew i wasn’t a fit for but loved the idea of him, and not just that but i enjoyed the whole experience of falling for the idea of someone.”


“I felt powerful.”


The visuals for the Bad Ideas campaign have all been really striking and memorable, especially the Crush video. I asked Tessa what was the process behind working on that video was like, & how important are visual aspects like videos and album/single art to her.


“It was my director Isaac White’s idea to film in a supermarket, mine to use the boomerang technique, and the execution of the brilliant editor Shawna Howson who brought it together.”


“That video was incredibly DIY, a group of passionate people coming together to make something because we all cared about it. I think with everything I do, visuals or otherwise. it’s important to me that it all be “right”.”


” I don’t think of myself as a perfectionist, but I do have a strong sense of what works or doesn’t for me and I do everything I can to follow my gut there.”


Tessa started out by uploading videos to Youtube, and building her audience organically that way. I asked her why she thinks so many people still don’t take musicians who started their careers online seriously.


“I think it’s a variety of factors. There’s definitely a stigma around people who built something online.”


“Maybe because when you go through a label, there’s so much money going in to it from so many different places you know it’s going to reach some level of par or good, but online anyone can upload anything.”


“for years i’d have people saying to me “yeah i don’t mean this in a bad way but it surprised me, your songs are actually really good!” whatever it is, i try not to put too much energy in to getting distracted by it.”


“I think if if the music is great then people who like it will like. that’s something to be grateful for.”

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