Best of the Week – 4th November 2019

Haim – Now I’m In It

Haim have continued their consistent run of releasing groovy, catchy bangers with this latest single. A really pulsing, synthy bass drives the track forward and almost Toto Africa esque percussion backs the sisters’ trademark harmonies. This and Summer Girl are making things very promising for their next album.  94%

Dua Lipa – Don’t Start Now

Immediately hitting you with a deep almost Daft Punk sounding simple and funky bassline, this new Dua single is probably going to dominate the charts. The fairly skeletal, but excellently produced instrumental really highlights Dua’s vocals and overall it’s just a great pop song. 80%

Jaws – Anyway, Now’s Not The Time

A briliant, blistering new track from Jaws, with echoes of Doves and Stereophonics creeping in with this track having a fuller, cleaner sound than their previous releases but still maintaining their charm. Excellent. 95%

Tame Impala – It Might Be Time

Taken from his upcoming album ‘The Slow Rush’, this new single is perhaps Kevin Parker’s poppiest track to date; the song has an abundance of catchy synth hooks and a fairly simple chorus but the lyrics are typically introspective and longing, with Parker candidly worrying about not being cool enough or young enough anymore. 97%

Michael Kiwanuka – Living In Denial

My favourite track from Michael’s latest album, ‘Kiwanuka’, ‘Living in Denial’ is a really chill, smooth cut that shows off just how great Michael’s vocals are, the ‘la la la la la’ backing vocals too give this track a really retro vibe. 90%

Orla Gartland – Figure It Out

A great new track from Orla here, with the track bursting out of the minimal, chill opening into this incredible, energetic burst of guitars and vocals, sounding somewhere between Clairo & St. Vincent. 90%



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