Bruce Springsteen – Western Stars Movie Review

Western Stars is the film based on the album of the same name, Bruce’s 19th studio album that topped the UK charts in June this year. This movie has a live concert performance of the album at it’s heart, but it’s clear that a lot more thought and heart was put into it than most others.

All of the concert footage is shot in a beautiful 19th century barn that Bruce owns, and combining those lovely visuals with the fact that the songs are backed up by a brilliant 20 piece orchestra means that the whole thing has a really magical, intimate feeling to it while also sounding massive and grand.

In between each of the tracks are short films describing the stories and characters behind the tunes, accompanied by breathtaking shots of Joshua Tree national park, home video footage of Bruce and Patti Scialfa, Bruce’s long-term wife and collaborator as member of the E Street Band, who also performs many of the songs alongside Bruce.

These bite sized stories and beautifully shot scenery really adds a lot to the context of the album, and push it far above any standard live concert film. The incredible, intimate live performance of it alongside the amazing orchestral arrangements that back the songs make this a must-see for any fan of Bruce, or just good music. It really does feel like you are there in that barn with him and his friends.


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