Shaun The Sheep: Farmageddon Movie Review

Farmageddon is the second Shaun the Sheep movie, following on from the first which released back in 2015. The original movie was a perfect upgrade from the usual short-form stop motion TV series, capturing all the charm and slapstick humour of the show while making it interesting enough to hold the audience’s attention for the length of a movie. Farmageddon, thankfully, does all that and more.

In Farmageddon, a young alien called Lu-La gets lost and ends up on Earth, more specifically, on Shaun’s farm. Due to the UFO sightings in the village, the farmer decides to capitalise on this by getting his sheep and Blitzer the dog to build an alien themed attraction. As expected, not everything goes to plan.

Farmageddon is a film obviously made by a bunch of absolute science fiction nerds. From nods to more modern sci-fi staples like Arrival, to obvious references to the X-Files, the amount of references and motifs found in every scene is incredible and you’d need to watch this more than twice to even try to catch them all.

It’s also a genuinely funny film, echoing the best parts of classic slapstick silent movies as well as, perhaps more obviously, the Wallace & Gromit series. The fact that there are no actual voice lines, only bleats and alien noises, in the film only adds to that old-school comedy feeling. This is a movie that anyone of any age could watch and get several laughs out of.

The soundtrack and score are both amazing too, with the central song from Kylie & The Vaccines being annoyingly catchy, and Tom Howe’s (he did the Bake Off Theme) score is just simply great and really adds to the atmosphere of the otherwise silent scenes.

This easily could have been a quick cash-grab sequel, but the amount of love put into this is clear to see. It is an Aardman project after all, and they are perhaps the most consistent studio in the world.


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