Midway Movie Review

Midway is a movie directed by Roland Emmerich that is based around the attack on Pearl Harbour, and the battle of Midway that followed it, during World War 2. The cast is a stellar one, with the likes of Woody Harrelson, Luke Evans and Nick Jonas playing some of America’s soldiers doing their job very well, and the likes of Tadanobu Asano and Etsushi Toyokawa playing the top Japanese commanders.


It’s definitely a war movie, with all the standard tropes and war movie cliches, it’s no subtle arty film with lines like ‘It’s men like this who are gonna win us this war’ etc. Despite this, I feel it tells the story well, shining light on both sides of the pacific, this isn’t a film that over glorifies the Americans, and also does a good job of highlighting the work that the intelligence officers and code-breakers did.

Visually, ‘Midway’ is great, with some really great set pieces; there are both scary and beautiful shots scattered throughout, and the scenes in the air are shot really well. The action is dealt with pretty realistically, with nothing being too overblown or for the sake of spectacle.

The cast do a good job of portraying all of the roles in the movie, with all of the main cast portraying a genuine figure from the battle genuinely and with real heart and respect, however at some times it is very hard to separate the actor from their face and you do find yourself going ‘Haha it’s Nick Jonas in a plane’ quite often.

Overall, Midway is a gripping, interesting film that both marvels and educates in equal measures, it’s just nothing too new or original.


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